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Executive Training Program

IAE Business School’s Executive Training Program (PFE) has been designed for executives who have taken on or about to assume new management responsibilities in their organizations.

Participants are introduced to the latest business management developments from an overarching approach. This program provides effective tools for negotiation processes, business variable analyses, building and motivating work teams, by focusing on development and leadership.

​At this program, participants also take a look at the virtues and capabilities that executives need to mobilize their companies towards the future.

This program provides an overall view of the business world that prepares you to rise to new challenges.​ ​


Candidates’ Profile

Area Heads


Area Managers


Advisors / Consultants




Program Goals

  1. Acquiring management tools.
  2. Incorporating new knowledge to enhance business management.
  3. Finding a place to advance strategic thinking.
  4. Improving participants’ management capabilities by providing a better understanding of delegation.
  5. Enhancing participants’ personal ability to contribute, adding value to their organizations’ business.
  6. Adopting a greater perspective on leadership, understanding the needs of organizations.
  7. Building a more encompassing view of business, acknowledging the demands of today’s world with a forward-thinking view.


  • Programa de Formación Ejecutiva

    IAE Campus Pilar Mariano Acosta s/n y Ruta Prov. 8

    12 days

    Programs dates:
    Start: 10/3/2016

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