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Alejandro Zamprile

Phone:+54 (230) 448-1190


  • Profesor
  • Director de Célula PYMES
  • Director de DPME Regional

Alejandro C. Zamprile obtained both his B.A. in Business Administration and CPA degrees at the Universidad Católica Argentina in 1989.

Prof. Zamprile continued his education at IAE - Business and Management School, Universidad Austral, where he got his M.A. degree in Business Management in 1997. In addition, he has become fluent in English and farily competent in Portuguese.

In 1998, he attended the Global International Program (GIP) at Anderson School, UCLA, USA.

His working experience began as Product Assistant in the marketing area of SAVA GANCIA, a large domestic food & beverage company.

Prof. Zamprile continued his professional career in the car industry. At first, he joined a dealers' group in the sector as New Business Manager to handle distributions for brands such as Ford, VolksWagen, Mitsubishi, Mazda and Honda. 

He became Administrative and Financial Director for the group and moved on to the General Manager position in one of its divisions.

Finally, he worked as Executive Director at the Volkswagen Dealers' Association in Argentina.

Currently, Prof. Zamprile is Executive Director of the Alumni Department, Culture & Society Director and Management Committee member at IAE, Business and Management School, Universidad Austral.

As regards his academic performance, Prof. Zamprile lectures on Negotiation at the MBA and EMBA Programs, Small and Medium-Sized Company Management Program, In-Company Executive Programs and the Focused Program on Negotiation. He belongs to the Operations & Technology Academic Area, where his teaching focus lies in Negotiation. Prof. Zamprile is also a Visiting Professor at the Instituto de Empresa in Ecuador.

In addition, Prof. Zamprile has provided consulting and market research services to companies such as: Dow Agro, Peñaflor, Fundación Producir-Conservando, Cámara Argentina de Lana de Vidrio, Moet Chandon, and others. His areas of expertise engulf processes, productivity, market analysis, business situation analysis and internal negotiations.

Prof. Zamprile has collaborated in writing the paper entitled "Developing Synergies between Culture and Operation Systems. An Argentine Case (SOMA)". He has also undertaken, along with area research assistants, research work on "Profile of Argentine Negotiators", leading to an article published by the Fronteras del Management Magazine. The latest Technical Note he has written deals with guidelines for effective negotiations.

Presently, Prof. Zamprile is researching negotiation cases in Argentine soccer, negotiators' styles and cultural background and features of internal negotiations in companies.

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