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Luis Dambra

Phone:+54 (230) 448-1181


  • Profesor
  • Director del centro Estilo de Vida y Moda
  • Co-Director del CIEL - Centro de Innovación y Estratégia Latinoamérica
  • Director del Programa Internacional “Liderando la Innovación y la Creatividad”

​Luis Dambra obtained his Mechanical Engineering degree at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in 1978. 
In 1989, he graduated from the Executive MBA Program at IAE Business and Management School, Universidad Austral.

Between 1976 and 1981, Prof. Dambra worked as Engineering Head at Fiat Diesel.

Then, he became Project Leader at the R&D Navy Service in the Argentine Navy. In 1991, he joined Boldt S.A., leading Latin American printing company. He held the position of Production Manager until 1999.

Since 1989, Prof. Dambra has taught full-time for the Operations & Technology area at IAE. In addition, he is the Industry Department Director at the Engineering School of the Universidad Austral and a member of the School's Executive Council.

Prof. Dambra has written several study cases and technical notes, and he has lectured in executive training conferences. Because of his professional and research background, his area of expertise include Technology management and new product development (NPD).


Date of birth: December 30, 1953.

Marital Status: Married, 4 children.