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Pablo Daniel Fernández

"Entender el mundo del trabajo y de las organizaciones implica comprender el efecto de vivir organizados, es decir, entender el impacto de las organizaciones en sus miembros, y lo que sus miembros hacen a través de ellas."

Phone:+54 (230) 448-1000


  • Associate Professor

Pablo is Associate Professor of Business, Society, and Economics at IAE Business School. He obtained his PhD in EMLyon Business School, France. His research interests center on processes of social inclusion in which marginalized actors seek to organize and work together to regain their (many times neglected) dignity and bring about change for themselves and their communities. At a broader level, he is interested in understanding issues of power and resistance in and around organizations. He use mostly qualitative and ethnographic methods. Part of his research has been published in Organization Studies, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Inquiry, and Business & Society.