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An initiative designed to support SME Alumni in the execution of new ideas and introduction of knowledge into their enterprises –both for their strategic choices as well as during roll-out and change processes

IAE has been supporting and training Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ executives for over 30 years –ever since the School launched its Management Program for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SME). Yet, in addition to SME Program’s 2,500 alumni, over 7,000 IAE Alumni now deal with SME realities.

IAE’s AMP, MBA, EMBA, PMD, GMP, and PIDE Alumni currently facing SME challenges share the same reality and hurdles. As a result of Alumni’s requests and suggestions, IAE has created a set of offerings to support their companies’ growth and organization:




​​​​IAE intends to provide a source of ongoing learning and networking via a number of offerings –some designed for SME Program Alumni and their companies and others exclusively catering to SUMA Members. This initiative hinges on a membership club, with members joining a collaborative network and accessing many exclusive benefits and events. 

​​Only SUMA Members can attend IAE’s Breakfasts with Specialists and External Board Groups, while Strategic Diagnosis and Planning Workshops, Execution Workshops, Copilot Programs, and Updating Events are accessible for all SME Alumni, their associates and management teams. SUMA members, in addition to their exclusive access to some offerings, also receive special discounts on SUMA programs as well as other benefits.

Alejandro Zamprile, Director Académico, presenta SUMA

​ ​


TDP | Strategic Diagnosis and Planning Workshop

Do you know where you’re headed? Are you aware of the foundations you need to build your future? Can you tell what capabilities you must possess to compete in today’s world? Do you have a strategic plan?

The Strategic Diagnosis and Planning Workshop explores business leaders’ individual realities, focusing on their companies’ challenges. It provides a setting for top executives and their associates to examine where they are now and to formulate strategies to take their businesses where they want to go in coming years.

Workshop Dynamics:

  • ​​Three-day workshop
  • Application of theoretical notions to specific companies.
  • Small groups of executives.
  • A combined classroom and consulting experience. 


Who is it for?


This Workshop has been designed for SME Alumni and their associates.
Three days: September 7 and 12, and October 11.


TIP | Execution Workshops

These workshops focus on the execution of changes in your company. Every workshop has a limited capacity of up to 15 companies. Participants first explore overall notions, and, later, they work in small teams, supported by a coordinator, focusing on their companies’ actual issues. Typically, sessions are held on separate days to enable participants to survey the information gathered in the first session, so that business leaders and their associates can work together and come back for the second session with an educated analysis. It is key to attend these workshops with one or two business associates who support leaders in their management tasks and share their vision. Execution Workshops provide a means to move from theory to practical application.


Marketing Plan Workshop "You Own an SME; You Own a Brand".

This two-day workshop welcomes business owners and their associates, providing them with the tools to work on their own companies.

Companies’ brands will be analyzed as key business assets, finding ways to position and enhance them to create competitive value.

Two days: August 12 and 19, at IAE’s Pilar Campus in Buenos Aires Province


“Using a Balanced Scorecard” Workshop 

Key signs to look at in my business. What should I be looking at and how?

Understanding the steps and challenges for proper strategy execution. What matters?

Establishing indicators for key issues, sharing the experience with workshop participants. What can I learn from other experiences?

Incorporating key goals into action plans. Walking the talk

Two days | October 17 and 24, at IAE’s Pilar Campus in Buenos Aires Province


Copilots’ Program


 Understanding the role of business owners in decision making, exploring how non-relative executives provide continuity and drive to a family business, managing a company by looking at financials and outcomes...

This program has been developed for our Alumni’s seconds-in-command –the executives who support SMEs’ leaders in day-to-day operations. Its goal is to help them welcome changes and business owners’ new visions.

Program contents focus on companies’ functional area issues and their interactions with business owners. This is a general management program that encompasses all key functional areas in order to provide associates with an overall view of business and a better understanding of the impacts of choices made in those areas on people and results.

Program Length: 10 days.

Who Is It for?

This program has been designed for people reporting to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ leaders who stand at companies’ second-tier decision making level.

More information on the Copilots’ Program.​​​

​External Board Groups Exclusive for SUMA Members ​​

Every group consists of six business owners from several industries. Sharing insights with their peers, they strive for better governance practices, drawing away from the solitude that often surrounds their decision making. These groups help business leaders to validate and challenge their choices, as well as to be held accountable for their actions. Only SUMA members can join IAE’s External Board Groups.


​Joining an External Board Group means:

  • ​Having six companies represented monthly in a board;
  • 10 board meeting every year; 
  • Receiving feedback after every meeting for follow-up;
  • Relying on one exclusive coordinator.​​

   More information on External Board Groups​​.


More information on External Board Groups y Networking


Every month, SUMA organizes a number of events to keep members and Alumni up to speed and connected, enabling them to take a step back to look at the big picture.

From March through December, the following events are organized every month:

  • IAE events for SMEs
  • Breakfasts with Specialists –for SUMA members only
  • IAE’s Annual SUMA Event –open to IAE’s entire SME community, with reserved spots for SUMA members.
  • ​​ ​​​IAE’s Annual SUMA Event

A meeting for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises’ Owners and Executives, with an agenda that focuses on SMEs’ specific issues. SUMA members receive a special invitation.

​​If you would like to learn more about these events, please fill out your data below. ​


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