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Good Practice Guide for Corporate Family Responsibility


  • We are proud to present a new edition of our  Guide to Good Practice, Towards a New Covenant between Work and Family; which is the result of the joint work of many people, institutions and companies that have been promoting a cultural change for a better balance between work and family life, in and from Argentina. This publication is preceded by two previous editions and it is a true reflection of the commitment of companies involved in the IFREI ​Club, promoted by the Walmart Family Conciliation Center and Enterprise, IAE Business School (CONFYE). It is thanks to what these companies do behind closed doors and together with the community that the bar is set higher and, therefore, they are the true protagonists of these pages.  



The second edition of Guía de Buenas Prácticas Hacia la Responsabilidad Familiar Corporativa (Good Practice Guide for Corporate Family Responsibility) includes the opinions of renowned international experts and reports on the experiences of 20 companies that have been working to create more flexible workplaces and to support associates' family life. This book showcases an analysis of 300 companies that have participated in IFREI 1.0 research project, collecting the IFREI 1.5 study findings. To learn more on this publication released on October 31, 2013, click here.
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The first edition of Guía de Buenas Prácticas Hacia una Empresa Familiarmente Responsable (Good Practice Guide for Family-Responsible Companies) intends to disseminate the flexible, family-responsible business model in order to raise awareness in the corporate realm, encouraging more companies to join in. The book gathers the quantitative findings of the 200-company IFREI 1.0 research study.