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Walmart’s Support

Since 2014, Walmart Argentina has been a strategic partner and sponsor of CONFyE.

This company has been working with CONFyE since 2009 with a strong commitment by its top management team and its CEO, becoming a private sector benchmark for best practices in family-work balance and promoting family-responsible workplace environments. As a testament to this sustained commitment, Walmart has been one of the first three companies in Argentina to secure the IFREI Accreditation in 2011. Walmart's commitment to family-work balance is also proven by the company's efforts to disseminate and promote an organizational culture based on the individual respect and the commitment to employee´s family as a new stakeholder for organization.

Shared values and a mutual commitment to support people's and families' living conditions have fueled this partnership to continue advancing the path developed by CONFyE in recent years.

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The academic work undertaken by CONFyE is excellent, and the goals pursued deserve wide recognition. Researching and disseminating practices that can help turn companies into family-responsible environments proves necessary at present for all businesses, even if some firms haven't realized it yet. Walmart has benefited greatly from its commitment to family corporate responsibility and these joint-efforts to look at the future as part of our strategic vision.
As a result, we are driven to support this initiative for many different reasons. We value and celebrate the opportunity provided by IAE Business School's CONFyE Center to support and enhance its growth, sharing our experiences and learning from the best practices developed by other companies. Joining this initiative increases our commitment. This is a unique opportunity to make a difference in people's and families' lives. We are very proud to do it.".”

Horario Barbeito
President and CEO, Walmart Chile

About Walmart Argentina
Walmart Argentina is an affiliate of Walmart Stores, Inc. and it started operating in Argentina in 1995. It currently owns over 105 stores, including hypermarkets, supermarkets and neighborhood formats, spread across 60 cities across the nation. The company also owns a Distribution Center in Moreno, Buenos Aires Province.

Currently, Walmart Argentina employs over 12,000 people. For more information, go to: