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» Family-Responsible Companies

The IFREI (Family-Responsible Employer Index) is an international study conducted in over 25 countries and promoted by IESE Business School's International Work and Family Center (Barcelona), under the leadership of Nuria Chinchilla, Ph.D., a world-renowned expert in this field. This academic research intends to analyze the practices, policies and programs that strengthen employees' personal life-work balance. It explores how organizations' corporate cultures helps associates to accommodate their job-related and family life responsibilities, supporting better living conditions. Organizations that are interested in joining this research may do so by clicking here. In 2010, IFREI 2 was launched, including the view of management and employees. Currently, IFREI 1.5 is available; it explores the demands of professional careers integrated to family and personal projects. If you are interested in participating, learn more here.



» Women's Leadership in Organizations

This research line aims to identify experiences and situations that attract and retain female talent in order to influence society to promote conditions conducive to the promotion of women in the workplace.

It is based on qualitative methodology that uses various case studies, technical notes, and focus groups; and aims to investigate, analyze and promote the professional advancement of women in the workplace. It studies the different challenges throughout the career, leadership skills, the propitious policies for it, as well as the integration of different realms of life taking on the demands of family and personal life.

In this research, several aspects are analyzed, like the relationship of motherhood with work, in order to identify the brakes and impellers, as well as the expectations about family roles that influence the professional development of mothers. The goal is to accompany women who are being mothers and/or have recently been mothers to enable them to meet the challenges of work - family balance at that stage of their lives.

Through publications and articles in journals general media we contribute to the dissemination of true leadership of women, complementary to the male, leading to enrich the field of family, business and society, with those qualities that characterize each of them.    


» Family-Work Balance Expectations: The views of younger generations

This research study aims to explore projects and expectations of personal, family and work life of future generations, by analyzing potential conflicts that may appear when combining work and family life, and understanding how generational diversity impacts the workplace. In turn, through benchmarking, it aims to know what practices offered by companies to respond to these expectations of Gen Y, improve working environments and prepare managers to work together and attract talent. 

​» Executives' Agenda

This research study intends to identify the meaning of executive work, its source of satisfaction, executives' disposition to balance work and family life, and the hurdles for that balance in order to design feasible alternatives to the family-job tension that often besieges people in companies. This study is based on CISMS II (Cooperative International Study on Managerial Stress), a research on family-work demands for executives. It also looks at executives' motivations, their family life, satisfaction levels, notions on success and criteria for conflict resolutions.

This research focuses on nine Latin American countries in order to understand regional executives' agenda and behavior on three areas:

  1. A diagnosis of Latin American executives' work-family balance.
  2. An in-depth look at the meaning of work and success as well as satisfaction sources.

The incorporation of cultural conditions and individual​ decisions into the personal and executive realm for conflict resolution