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How to Find…



  • On IAE's website:
    The most effective way to find a book is to use the Library's Online Catalog.
    Using the catalog, simple or combined searches can be made by author, title, subject, and key words. The catalog reports on the material's status (available or not) and its location on Library shelves.
  • At the Library:
    Books are organized by subject matter, with clear signs indicating subject, divisions, and location on shelves.


  • eBooks
    There are several ways to access IAE's collection of over 600 e-books.
    • Using the browser on our home page
    • Using our online catalog, searching by title or author, or using the COMPLEX SEARCH functionality (on the right-hand tab) 


Finding Journals and Magazines

The best way to find out whether IAE's Library has a specific publication or not is to check on its online catalog, which lists the issues, volumes and editions available for consultation.

It is possible to search on the catalog by «Magazine Name» or «Journals», and, when the desired title is found, a list shows the information on availability and location.

At the Library

Journals and magazines are stored at the Newspaper Library, next to the entrance to the Reading Lounge, and they are organized alphabetically by name.

Discontinued collections (with no current subscription available) and issues dated before 2005 are located in the Reading Lounge –also organized by name, with clear signs indicating their location on the shelves.



Finding E-Journals and Magazines


The most efficient way to find an e-journal or online magazine is using the AtoZ service or e-journal browser, which can be accessed via the Library's homepage or clicking here.

At this site, publications can be searched for by name and publication year.


Finding Articles

If you have a specific quote, with the journal's name, year and issue, you should use the AtoZ service or e-journal browser, which can be accessed via the Search and Research's Tools menu.

If you only know the article's title or you want to conduct a subject search, you should use the Metabrowser, which searches across all online resources at once and can be accessed from the Library's home page.

Searches can also be conducted in every database.


Finding Information on Companies

  • On Argentine Companies

    The best and most complete resource is ISI Emerging Markets. This base on Argentina offers information on:

    Companies: profiles, financial statements, analysts' reports, news, profit estimations, and relevant milestones
    Industries: description on over 60 sectors, including industry reports, news, statistics, and key players.
    Macroeconomics and Trends: this database features relevant economic metrics, including historical series, as well as widely shared macroeconomic forecasts for the local market
    Financial Market: this tool enables a vertical and horizontal analysis of financial statements across several periods, as well as comparing a company's financial statement with those of other players in the same industry
    Analysis: reports elaborated by hundreds of renowned local and international analysts from investment banks, risk rating agencies, and consulting firms around the world.

  • On Foreign Companies
    Business & Company Resource Center:
    This database provides information on international public and private companies, including data on brands, trade, investment reports, company background, and detailed financial information.

    Business Searching Interfase:
    It is part of EBSCO's Business Search Complete database.