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Universidad Austral and Opus Dei

A Human View of Businesses and Leaders

​​"Feel the obligation to be saintly every day! Being saintly does not mean to do anything strange: it is fighting in the spiritual life and in the heroic, complete fulfilment of duty." (Saint Josemaría)​

​​​IAE is an initiative developed by Opus Dei​​​,

a Catholic Church personal prelature that operates around the world.

IAE's ethical and moral contents are based on Christian tenets, with a special focus on every individual's intrinsic rights and dignity, and provide the cornerstone for every organization and for society at large.



Saint Josémaría Escrivá de Balaguer, founder of Opus Dei, used to say that we have all been called to be Saints. Finding Christ in the workplace, in family life and in all ordinary acts is a daily endeavor that we embrace individually but also in work teams and society.

At IAE, we take these principles as the basis for our programs, firmly believing that a job well done as well as professional and human excellence elevates society.

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