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Financial Assistance and Scholarships

The Merit Assistance Fund (FAM) was created through an initiative run by IAE alumni, with the aim of contributing to the training of outstanding professionals

Thanks to their contributions, MBA candidates can apply for the following tuition grants of up to 40%.

One-Year MBA Scholarships and Financing

Your talent counts

Every year, more than 30% of Full-Time MBA students benefit from one of our financial help systems. IAE, through its system of grants and loans, encourages the preparation of young talent to lead companies, government agencies and/or non-profit organizations, contributing to regional and global growth.

The application process is dynamic, those who apply have a real opportunity to show their stand out qualities, with access to the support necessary to fulfill the possibility of studying a One-Year MBA for 11 months.

If your performance has been highlighted in recent years, we invite you to make a proposal on our financial help systems. We know you will bring your passion, energy, curiosity for learning, and spirit of continual improvement to the classroom.

The Merit Assistance Fund was created through an initiative of the IAE Alumni, with the aim of contributing to the training of standout professionals on the MBA. Thanks to their support, MBA candidates can nominate themselves for the following scholarships for up to 40% of the course fees.

General requirements:

  • Complete the Admission process.
  • Get a minimum of 520 points on the GMAT Exam or IAE Test.
  • Have relevant professional experience.

Admission Scholarship: This Scholarship hopes to foster diversity and the multiple positive inputs that make up the classroom, adding various nationalities, experiences and cultures.
Requirements:Be foreign; or an Argentinian who resides more than 300km from the Federal Capital, Buenos Aires.

Benefit: up to 40% for Foreign students / 20% for Argentinians.

Best Averages Scholarship: This scholarship is intended for those professionals who have completed their university studies with an outstanding GPA.
Requirements:To have graduated from university with a GPA of at least 8 (eight) or its equivalent in undergraduate degrees; or have an average in the top 10% of your year.

Benefit: up to 40% of the course fees.

Public Sector Scholarship: Seeks to accompany the professional development of a career in the government sector. Candidates must have an important career path and a strong commitment to community development, creating bridges between the public and private sectors.
Requirements: Currently be working in the pubic sector, and provide a reference letter and an essay detailing your governmental work.

Benefit: up to 40% of the course fees.

Third Sector Scholarship: Seeks to open the way for a management training for professionals looking to make an impact on society through their work in Third Sector organizations.
Requirements: Currently work full time in a non profit organization, and provide a reference letter and an essay detailing your social work.

Benefit: up to 40% of the course fees.

Entrepreneurial Spirit Scholarship: Intended for professionals who have created their own business, and this business acts as their sole means of employment. It looks to add experience and entrepreneurial spirit to the classroom.
Requirements: Present the business plan for evaluation before the jury. The project must be currently active, and the applicant must be currently committed to the project full time.

Benefit: up to 40% of the course fees.

Honor Loans: EThese loans are intended for those professionals who have stood out in the Full Time MBA admission process in any of the following aspects: work experience, leadership, academic performance, international experience or personal merit, and who need financial aid for the MBA.

Benefit: You can request up to 5700 US Dollars as sole signatory Or up to 70% of the course fees through a warranty contract. Request more information at:


  • Scholarships awarded may not be combined with other benefits.
  • Beneficiaries must pass the appropriate examinations or tests and obtain a score greater than, or equal to, "B" at the end of each module.
  • Beneficiaries must demonstrate behavior that is consistent with the human and professional qualities we expect.

Honor Loan

The One-Year MBA is the International MBA from IAE that has been running for 15 years and is the chance for executives to live a fascinating and transformational experience, or to boost or turn around their career. It is aimed at maximizing the managerial skills of its participants, so they may assume future leadership positions.

Therefore, we reward your potential with an honor loan so you can finance your Master's. We can offer a loan of 15% for a sole signature, without any additional documentation. (US$5.700).

If you need more than 15%, we can offer up to 70%* on 2 conditions, your test score and the documentation presented:

  • To access a 60% - 70%, your test score must be more than 700.
  • To access a 40% - 50%, your test score must be more than 650.
  • To access a 15% - 40%, your test score must be more than 600.

Details of the Honor Loan:

  • The loan is in USD for foreign students and nationals.
  • Minimum: USD 3000.
  • GRACE PERIOD: 18 months from the start (6 months after finishing the MBA).
  • INSTALLMENTS: 36 installments (3 years).
  • 1st Amount payable: August after graduation.
  • Rate: 7.5% annually.
  • Calculation of the installment: French system, including insurance (exempt from IVA).
  • Late payment: Penalty interest of 50%, additional to the 7.5
  • Delay of more than 90 days: exclusion from the AA Department.
  • Early settlement: not possible unless authorized by the IAE, upon request.
  • Present required documents (A).
  • The degree is awarded when the student settles the entire loan.

Documentation to be presented (A):

  1. Admissions Letter.
  2. Loan form (with student and guarantor information).
  3. Funding Application (contract) in its ORIGINAL (containing the signatures of the student, guarantor and spouse), legalized and apostilled in their country of origin.
  4. Annex II - Signatures required for financing.
  5. Academic Standards Regulations signed by the student.
  6. Sworn health declaration with student information.
  7. Paycheck from the guarantor and an Sworn declaration of Income, legalized and apostilled.
  8. Photocopy of the identity document/passport of the guarantor.
  9. Security bond made out to IAE.
  10. Dollar amount requested by the applicant.
  11. Life Insurance Application made out to IAE
  12. Candidate's credit report
  13. Corresponding fees YES/NO

*The combined amount of a Scholarship + Loan may not exceed 70% of the total cost of the program. For more information, contact MBA admissions at | +54 230-4481331