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What differentiates the MBA at IAE

Why choose the MBA at IAE?

Global vision, focus on Latin America

The business world is becoming increasingly international. This is why we prepare our students with the global mindset required to interact with people from different cultures, and develop businesses anywhere in the world.

Globalization do not mean everything runs the same way. At IAE Business School, we believe there are particular challenges in the context of Latin American business, such as macroeconomic volatility, the marked differences between consumers, the risk considerations in finance, and the importance of personal contacts. We count on our expertise, experience and contacts to prepare our students to address these challenges, in Latin America and beyond.

Students on the MBA course come from almost every country in Latin America, the USA and the European Union. We welcome guest professors, both from other schools in the region, as well as leading schools from around the world. We run an immersion visit to Brazil, international consulting projects,and the students can take part in exchange programs with recognized business schools around the world.

Developing personalized leadership

At IAE, we look to create managers, who are both highly trained in management skills, as well as in the human qualities required to fulfill that leadership role. With this in mind, we have a wide range of activities focused on self-awareness and personal development, which allows the person to develop fully. To understand oneself is essential when forming positive relationships with others and respecting the differences that may exist.

Student selection is not only based on individual potential, but also on what they offer to the group. We form the work teams trying to maximize diversity, and preform coaching focused on conflict resolution. 

There are subjects on self-awareness and leadership, in which the students reflect on their personality and look to define their leadership style. Students also receive individual coaching from the "Career Management" team. Each student has their own Academic Mentor and Executive Mentor. These one to one relationships allow you to ask questions related to the program and career, as well as on life in general.

Workshops focused on developing communication skills, presentations, or managing a personal brand. Activities that are carried out both in the area of career management, as well as with specialized consultants. Elective subjects focused on negotiation, improvisation or managing organizational change. In general, they are the skills that require a variety of knowledge and managerial qualities.

360° feedback, focusing on managerial skills. Outdoor activities where we give the students challenges to develop and strengthen their management skills.


Bilingual Experience

English is a lengua franca in international business. That is why we deliver the core of the program in this language. Those students who need a refresher in this language may consult our intensive practice options.

For non-Spanish speaking students, we offer an intensive, business focused, Spanish course before starting your MBA. So not only do we help you take advantage of the MBA experience in Argentina, but you will also leave with the ability to speak the two most commonly spoken languages in the world fluently.



We prepare the MBAs for the "plug-and-play" test (to see results from day 1), through our program design. While traditionally, the mastery of concepts and analytical frameworks would be emphasized throughout the program, today it is only the foundation on which to continue building. We expand on the Action Learning options, or learning through practical experience, in the later modules of the program.
We use various simulators that require decision-making to be done in a team and in real time.

Consulting projects, both with non-profit organizations, and companies requesting recommendations for their international expansion strategies. Since 2015, we have worked together with Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, one of the top 10 business schools in the world according to the rankings in Forbes and The Economist, forming teams from students of both colleges.

Guided Consulting Projects In collaboration with the Corporate Finance practicals at Ernst & Young (E&Y), Latin America, we offer the chance to accompany a consulting team working on an applied finance project.


Social Conscience

All the content covered in different subjects carries the stamp of social responsibility and sustainability. Likewise, the Masters includes Field Work in Social Services, which allows you to apply your management knowledge in NGOs and other civil society organizations with a social impact.

Often, business managers are questioned for their seemingly exclusive focus on the generation of returns on their investments. Some business schools have responded by including ethics courses or asking its students to take an ethical oath. In the MBA at IAE Business School, the impact that business decisions have on the different stakeholders is at the center of each analysis, of each discussion, and of each action plan.

We believe that Business Managers have a responsibility to the societies in which their organizations operate. Through subjects such as business context analysis, ESE I and Corporate Social Responsibility. During the program, we put the management tools and concepts into action in consulting projects with Non Government Organizations (NGOs) .


Alumni Network

IAE Business School's alumni network is one of the most extensive in Latin America and extends all over the world. Both during and after the MBA, students may access a network of contacts committed to furthering their learning. From executive records, to help for looking for work after the MBA, the Former Alumnus of IAE have a special commitment to the MBAs.

The network is made up of more than 13,000 executives spread out all over the world, forming more than 30 regional clubs.