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Career Management

We will accompany you and guide you throughout your ENTIRE professional career

Through Career Management, the MBA student receives advice and self-awareness tools to guide them in managing their career. Increase your general skills and achieve a better positioning in the labor market. 

During the year, students have different employment and networking opportunities that provide possibilities to reintegrate with the labor market in the short term.


Salary Increase in Dollars

  • Before the MBA

  • After the MBA


Salary Increase in pesos

  • Before the MBA

  • After the MBA


Labor market reintegration times

  • Recent Graduates


  • 3 Months


  • 6 Months




The Mentoring program is, without doubt, one of the stand out features of the MBA.

EThe Mentor is a professional with extensive corporate experience and knowledge, who, acting neutrally, can guide the the students in their growth and career development.

During the Master's program, each student has an EXECUTIVE MENTOR (Presidents and Executives of major companies) and an ACADEMIC MENTOR (IAE Professor). Working together, the student and his mentor build a valuable relationship by exchanging experiences and advice during each meeting


Daniela D´Ambrosio, MBA 2014

"My executive mentor had the best had best disposition to meet up. We would talk about career issues, and also about personal matters."

Gonzalo Ruesta, MBA 2014

"I developed a very close relationship with my mentor. We got together often, and at the end he helped me generate a number of interviews. He was excellent and helped me a lot."



In order to plan your own professional career, it is crucial to work on self-awareness: by recognizing your talents, values and preferences. Therefore, in different activities and meetings with Career Management, we offer spaces for reflection together with concrete tools so the student can identify their career goals, and so action plans can be suggested in order to achieve them.

With Career Management, you can:

  • Hold individual meetings to discuss your career plans and concerns
  • Enhance your management skills, to offer your talents to organizations
  • Evaluate your abilities and get feedback from your companions (leadership, communication, emotional intelligence, etc.)
  • Attend "Inspiring Presentations" and "Image and Professional Protocol" workshops
  • Receive testimonials from leaders in the labor market invited to give talks
  • Design your resume, define your professional profile, and plan hoe to position yourself in the market
  • Attend practicals and interview training
  • And much more besides.



Networking is constant during the MBA We organize activities on the campus that are of interest to students looking for work opportunities and for businesses who want to take on the best talent. Career Management helps gain access to companies and opportunities, while the students show off their skills and talents.

  • Assessment Center

    While the students complete a team building task, different companies can observe them operate and display their potential. Students take advantage of this space as a source of opportunities, new relationships, and the chance to learn more about the companies

  • Career fairs

    Companies from different industries come to talk to the students about the company business and the career opportunities they offer.

  • On Campus Interviews

    Close to 100 interviews are arranged on Campus with the very best Human Resource consultants. These are also spaces to talk about the labor market, along with the student's expectations of the course


After the MBA

After graduation, the MBA students continue to have access to Career Management, to accompany them during their reintegration into the labor market.

Then, they have the chance to join the Alumni association and access all the benefits of career counseling, free attendance at the annual meeting, and conferences on current issues, amongst others.

@Laboral: you will have access to the IAE Alumni portal, @Laboral, from before your graduation, where companies and Human Resource consultants publish their employment opportunities.

QS Global Workplace: access is exclusive and unlimited for Full Time MBA graduates On this site, that all the best business schools are associated with, you can search for jobs and internships around the world, and access information on salary trends and other information relevant to the global labor market.

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Career Management after the MBA

As part of the Alumni Network, you shall the have a number of tools at you disposal, such as the job search portal @Laboral where you can find employment opportunities and Human Resource consultants, who approach IAE in search of new talent. 

Likewise, IAE will accompany you throughout your professional career, offering orientation, assessment and the tools you’ll need during the different stages of your career. 
You can learn more about the benefits of belonging to the IAE alumni community