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Learn more about yourself,
change and rethink your
leadership style for the future
Leadership Program
15 days
Campus IAE
“Knowing others is smart; knowing yourself is wise”.
- A. Einstein
Today’s leaders face a large number of technological, social, and competitive changes that entail new challenges.

IAE invites you to delve deeper into a diagnosis of your present and to spot the opportunities to rise to a challenging future. You will find a unique, individual approach to develop your ability to adapt and to hone your management skills.

What should your leadership be like in a disruptive, exponential tomorrow?
This program has been designed for managers, C-level officials, and executives serving in leadership positions and looking to challenge themselves to lead the future.
4 Modules
Self-Awareness and Leadership
Deepening your self-awareness, emotional and social intelligence. Improving your empathy, story-telling, hard-talk, and influencing skills. Developing systemic thinking.
Knowledge vs. Hubris
Technical knowledge, behavior, and management style simulation with a board presentation, supported by peer coaching and improvement project development.
Understanding Disruption
Agile methodologies, digital transformation, new technologies –3D, robotics, drones, artificial intelligence, big data, virtual reality, alternative energies, block-chain, nanotechnology, the Internet of Things, and cyber-security–, regulations, demographics, and uncertainty. Mental model 360 test.
Navigating Disruption
Self, team, and organizational transformation; decision-making risks; mental model mapping; new business models; immunity to change; resilience; innovating methodologies; personal transformation plan formulation.
Improving your ability to empathize, persuade, and influence
Greater cognitive flexibility, curiosity, and resilience
Enhancing your self-awareness to spot opportunities
Leveraging growth with a group of coaches who will guide you in the process
Learning about new technologies that will change the future and getting ready for new realities
Takeaway: a personal action plan with specific goals and objectives to apply everything you have learned in your day-to-day performance

This program offers a global assessment, relying on envisionary leadership, influence, and mental model tests, among other tools. The competency improvement project involves consultancy and peer coaching, while the multidisciplinary case is presented to a simulated board. The program also works on career planning, and participants engage in team meetings to face personal challenges and acquire shared knowledge.

Interactive methodologies, such as workshops, lectures, special guests with emotional impact, tests, simulations, and personal coaching, make this program a hands-on learning experience.

Javier Silva
Lorenzo Preve
Julio Sanchez Lopacher
Luis Dambra
And over 10 experts on big data, digital disruption, IA, virtual reality, alternative energy sources, block-chain, nanotechnology, cyber-security, regulations, and the Internet of Things.
How can I tell whether this program is right for me?
If you believe that the change we are experiencing is no longer linear but exponential, that we compete in a world where performance leads to excellence, that automation and digitalization will drastically change the way we work and the skills we need, that your knowledge and capabilities will prove key for humanity’s greatest transformation ever, that you can lead change rather than being swept by it, then this program is right for you.
What experience should I have to attend IAE’s ALP?
We recommend having ten years or more of work experience and some leadership experience.
What is the admission interview like?
The purpose of this interview is to determine whether the ALP is the right program for you to develop the knowledge and skills that you are seeking at this point in your career.
Is there a capacity limit for this program?
Yes, this program has a capacity for 40 participants.
Why does the program unfold over 14 full-time days in five months?
We believe that, in order for participants to embark on a true transformation, they need to undergo intense learning periods and assimilation periods. Classes have been distributed in such a way to accommodate those periods.
Is there a minimum attendance requirement?
Yes, participants are required to attend 80% of classes to ensure that they learn what they are looking for.
Do I need any materials for the classes?
No, you are provided with a notebook and a pen on the first day, so that you can make notes. No need to bring a laptop.
Who will be delivering the classes?
In class, you will be able to work with specialized coaches who will organize self-awareness activities, as well as experts who will provide specific information on the latest technological breakthroughs, and professors who will help you understand these changes from a strategic standpoint and apply them to your business.