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Frequently Asked Questions



Can I do the PhD on a part-time basis or via distance learning?​

No.  Our PhD program is only delivered on a full time basis. It is an intensive program, centered on research, which requires complete dedication during the three years. 

Should I contact faculty before applying?

We recommend that you apply having in mind who your mentor could be. Your mentor must be any IAE Business School faculty member.

I do not speak Spanish- can I apply?

Yes.   The PhD program is taught exclusively in English. 

Can I research with faculty from other schools?

Yes. However, the mentor must be a member of the IAE Business School faculty.

Is there a deadline for PhD application?

Our PhD program is flexible; you may apply to the program in any part of the year. However, courses begin in the first semester of each year. 

Is work experience required?

No, we do not require work experience for admission. 

Is there a fee to apply for the PhD program?


If I have work experience, can a superior or professional advisor write a recommendation for me?

Yes. One of the letters of recommendation should come preferably from a practitioner, acknowledging the applicant's practical experience. The other two letters should come from faculty, scholars or advisors who can assess the applicant's academic background and her/his ability to carry out research, complete a rigorous PhD program as well as the ability or potential to teach. 

What is the minimum GMAT/GRE score?

There are no minimum test scores required. The overall academic profile of the candidate is considered for admission: test scores are only part of the analysis.  Top scores will not necessarily grant automatic admission, and low scores might not invalidate it.

Is there a minimum TOEFL score?

No, we accept a range of scores, though you should aim to score above 105 if possible.

Can I send GMAT/GRE or TOEFL scores which are more than five years' old?

Yes.  However, complete proficiency in English is essential.

Can the requirement for GMAT or GRE be waived?


Can I send my application file if I have not yet taken my GMAT or TOEFL ?

 If you have a degree from a school that delivers the curriculum entirely in English, you may require an exemption from the TOEFL, and begin with the application process. However, we will need that you present the GMAT score before being officially admitted.

Can I send photocopies of my diplomas and transcripts?

Yes.  However, all copies must be certified by the awarding university or by a notary.  If these documents are translated (a requirement if not in Spanish), you must have them certified by an authorized translator or by a Consulate.

How many years does the PhD program take?

Our PhD in Management is 3 years long.  The first year is dedicated to basic course work; the other two are devoted to research and the doctoral dissertation.

 Please note that our PhD program is not available in a part-time or distance learning format.

Can I attend the PhD in Rosario?

No, the PhD program is delivered exclusively in the Pilar campus.