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  • Business Board Meetings: Regional CEOs; Country .M. /M.D.;
    • Workshops: Discussions and teamwork between CEOs, experts and academics
    • Discussion of case-studies from member organizations of ENOVA: To cover the topics which are most relevant for the participating CEOs
  • Forum for Business and Political leaders
  • Cutting Edge Seminars and Web casts on critical issues for business in Emerging Markets/ Latin America
  • Workshop for CEOs/Country Managers – with their management team, on topics Enova Thinking is working on. (Only for ENOVA Thinking’ sponsors or partners)
  • Investigations/Research/Interviews/Surveys/Case-studies - about the topics which are most relevant to the CEOs
  • ENOVA Interactive: Virtual comunity of ENOVA members.


Regional Board Meetings

“The Global Economic Crisis: Exploring Advantages and Opportunities of the Businesses in Latin America”.

In this opportunity, the group discussed the following case: "The experience of DANONE in the economic crisis of Argentina in 2001", and Professor Roberto Vassolo (IAE Business School), talked about "How to turn the global crisis into an opportunity".
Also, Franco Moccia, Stanford Bank Director, explained some of the major causes and effects of the current financial and economic crisis. Further on, panelists Michael Chu (Harvard Business School), Professor of Business Administration and Edward Jardine (Former President of Procter & Gamble for the Andean region and Venezuela) gave a lecture about profitable business models for Latin America.

21/11/2008 - IDB's Vice President at IAE Business School

Steven Puig, the Vice President of the Inter-American Development Bank for Private Sector and Non-Sovereign Guaranteed Operations, presented the strategy of this international organization to face the global crisis.
Some of the points Steven Puig stood out were:

  • IDB's growth in the last 5 years.
  • The improvement of the negotiations and speed of the approval of the credit lines.
  • The participation in major infrastructure projects such as enlargement of the Panama Canal and a gas pipeline in Peru of the LNG Company.