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ENOVA Thinking’s current learning topics:

  • Interface “Global - Regional - Local”- tensions and dilemmas: Global standardization versus regional customization and local innovation: challenges and opportunities
  • Innovative and sustainable business models in Emerging Markets:
    • For local companies prospering from their home based uniqueness to speed up its global positioning and competitive advantage.
    • For multinationals to leverage their global advantage and build their local identity and success story.
  • Critical leadership competences to effectively deal with:
    • Emerging and developed markets interaction and synergies
    • “Global-local” business tensions and dilemmas. 
    • Talent attraction and development
    • Young talent from “Generation Y”
    • Cultural and national diversity
    • Execution in complex “multi-countries”; matrix- organizations
    • Corporate citizenship and social responsibility (good governance/compliance
  • Other relevant business issues for companies’ growth in Emerging Markets
    • Risk mapping and management
    • Hyper volatile economic environment
    • Capital markets deficiency
    • Consumer segmentation for Emerging Markets
    • Leverage on Innovation from Emerging Markets
    • Customer and IT driven innovation
    • Non market key actors interaction: government; regulators; unions; other
    • Institutional voids: labor market; intellectual property, etc.
  • Organizational issues at global, regional and local level to maximize value added in decentralized / interdependent firms:
  • Role and Profile of Regional CEO and Country Manager:

    • ¿“Messenger” or “Business Entrepreneur”?
  • Effective long term public policies and institutional efficiency to boost up competitiveness and socioeconomic development from a regional perspective