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Julio Sánchez Loppacher

“La Innovación y Mejora de Gestión son la Estrategia Competitiva Sustentable en la Empresa”

Phone:+54 (230) 448-1088


  • Director

Julio Sánchez Loppacher has been a full-time professor at IAE’s Operations and IT Management Area since 1996. He teaches at both the Full- and Part-Time MBA programs, Executive Education Programs, In-Company Programs, as well as Focused Seminars. He also heads IAE’s Programs for Small and Medium-Sized Companies since 1997.

Professor Sánchez Loppacher has vast experience in the automotive industry, where he worked as Plant Manager and Board Member in an auto parts manufacturing company (1991-1995) and as Engineering Head for an assembly firm (1986-1990). Currently, he serves as an advisor on process turnaround, quality management, supply chain management, and project management issues for leading multinational and regional companies such as Arcor, Mercedes Benz (Dealers’ Group), Volkswagen (Dealers’ Group), Laboratorios Ylang, Laboratorios Scherer, Repsol YPF, Pan American Energy (Bolivia), Siemens, and Nestlé.

As a visiting professor, he lectures at several business schools around the world, including EADA (Spain), ICAMI (Mexico), ESE (Chile), IDE (Ecuador), PIURA (Peru), ISE (Brazil), and IEEM (Uruguay).

Professor Sánchez Loppacher holds a Ph.D. in Supply Chain Management from the Instituto Politécnico de Milano, Italy, awarded in 2005. He also holds an Executive MBA degree from IAE Business and Management School, Universidad Austral (1995), and an Industrial Engineering degree from the Universidad de la República Oriental del Uruguay (1988).

He has published several case studies and academic papers at IAE and has worked on research projects commissioned by the World Bank and the Inter American Development Bank, in cooperation with other faculty members from Barcelona’s IESE, on project and supply chain management in health-related industries. He also took part in the Research Project ”La Cadena de Suministro en la Base de la Pirámide (BOP)” along with scholars from the IESE (Barcelona) and a number of American and Latin-American universities.

He has co-authored the books “El Desafío de la Reforma en Salud” (2000), “Gestionando la Mejora en Salud” / (2002), and “Competitividad, Innovación y Mejora Continua en la Gestión” (2000). His work has also been published by trade journals and presented at international conferences, including the International Journal of Supply Chain Forum (IJSCF) (2006), Special Issue of the Italian Journal “Sviluppo e Organizzazione” (2006), EOROMA (2006, 2005, 2003), Academy of Management (AOM) (2007, 2006), Iberoamerican Academy of Management (2007, 2005, 2003). Productions and Operations Management Society (POMS) (2008, 2007).

Most recently, Professor Sánchez Loppacher has been awarded the Chris Voss Best Paper Award for his paper entitled “Key Drivers of Buyer - Supplier Relationships in Global Supply Strategy” (EUROMA 2006).