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About us



To study and promote the best family-work balance practices in companies and among Latin American executives in order to contribute to business competitiveness by driving people's commitment to their organizations​


Being a regional benchmark for corporate family responsibility to support the family from the realm of work so that everyone can assume their job responsibilities without neglecting family demands, reaching a career that integrates these two areas of human development.



  • To generate an academic field between companies to facilitate dialogue, cooperation and collective learning; maximizing development opportunities for all.
  • To offer tools that make it easier for companies to align their business strategy and their development policies with a comprehensive view of employees, based on ethical values ​​and commitment to corporate social responsibility.
  • To promote a vision of female leadership that is complementary to that of male leadership, leading to enriching the workplace with those specific qualities of each of them.
  • To conduct researches and business cases that are particularly significant and innovative in these issues.
  • To contribute to disseminate a family-responsible culture within organizations through publications in specialized journals and media

Key Factors

  • An interdisciplinary team composed by academics of renown trajectory and practitioners, oriented to capitalize and generate knowledge as well as to promote innovative initiatives
  • To generate an effective synergy between the academic and the corporative world through the exchange of experiences and knowledge to create an ecosystem of permanent learning from a comprehensive perspective that overcomes market’s tendencies.
  • Propitiate a strong interaction between business schools and similar research centers from the rest of the world that enhance research from a global perspective.