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Towards Family-Responsible Corporation" AWARD

In 2009, Fundación Padres ("Parents Foundation") has established the "Towards Family-Responsible Corporation Award" to praise companies and institutions that promote sound family-work balance among their employees, underlying their best practices and the commitment of their leaders to the building of family-responsible organizations. CONFyE from IAE Business School provides academic support to this award.
The corporations and institutions that have received this award are:​​
2014 VI Edition:
  • Coppel  
  • Roche  
  • Mitrani, Caballero Ojam y Ruiz Moreno
  • Adecco Argentina
  • Profertil S. A.
  • Ministry of Modernization of Government of the City of Buenos Aires


   2013 V Edition:

  • Hewlett Packard Argentina
  • Walmart Argentina
  • Rode S.R.L.
  • National Rehabilitation Service


   2012 IV Edition:

  • Aguas Danone.
  • IBM.
  • SC Johnson & Son.
  • Telecom Group.
  • Glaxo Smith Kline. 

   2011 III Edition:

  • Galicia Bank.
  • Establecimiento Las Marías.
  • Mimo & Co.
  • Eidico.

   2010 II Edition:

  • Santander Río.
  • YPF.
  • Zurich.
  • Telefónica Group.

   2009 I Edition:

  • Coca Cola.
  • Manpower.
  • Unilever.


Executive Women Networking


This networking program has been designed for female business executives and leaders who intend to address the challenges that professional women face as they try to balance their careers and their families. Four breakfast meetings are organized every year.


Women and Leadership Seminar


This seminar has been on since 2009 to offer a global view of female leadership and to delve into the competencies required to manage women's professional development, alongside an adequate work-family balance. This seminar aims to help optimize women's strengths and opportunities, understanding the relevance of work-family balance. The program offers strategies, tools and hands-on experiences to help participants align their career growth with their personal and family goals.


International Women´s Leadership Seminar in MIAMI: Women Talent + Executive Management

IAE's International Seminar on Women and Leadership: Female Talent in Top Management is a unique and exclusive event addressed to Latin American executives to discuss a comprehensive approach of the role of women to business, family and society.

The program is aimed at executives that want to understand the woman contribution in the work environment and the impact for attracting and retaining talent to manage the challenge of creating flexible and family responsible environments.

Program goals:

  • To identify barriers and drivers of the career development for women and the impact in the Region.
  • To optimize the talent, their strengths and opportunities, and to join them successfully to management teams.
  • To define strategies to develop a professional project that integrates the different roles that it assumes as woman.
  • To measure the impact of the complementarity women-men talent in the organizational culture. 

This seminar is held in Miami with the participation of CEO, VP, and Directors of different companies from all Central and Latin-American countries



Since 2013 CONFyE has joined the initiative driven by the Home Renaissance Foundation, an international NGO based in London,  that has as a mission to revalue the importance that society attributes to housework and raise the awareness about its social impact.

The presentation of the documentary Homemakers Project too place in the Legislature of Buenos Aires city; and included academics, managers and public officials who discussed their views about the subject.

On October 10 th of 2014, we launched the Latin American documentary "Create Home: make visible the invisible", an initiative held by CONFyE jointly with the Research Center for Culture, Word and Care, from the INALDE Business School from Colombia, in alliance wit the Home Renaissance Foundation.

More than 30 testimonies from all over Latin America were presented, 30 shared reflections about the value of housework for their lives and families. Among the interviewees are Juan Llach, former Education Minister of Argentina; María José Franco, Director at Pragma, advertisement agency from Peru; Luis  Sagarsazú, General Manager at MAna F&B from Venezuela; Horacio Barbeito, CEO at Walmart Chile; among other testimonies representing different realities of the region. We invite you to watch the results:

Documentary’s content:

Crear Hogar restates the economic vision that only values what can be quantified and has a price. Caring for those who we love and dedication to housework constitute an intangible from the economic point of view and yet are invaluable. Crear Hogar presents to men and women the challenge of rethink the value of dedication to home and take responsibility between both of them when a family project moves forward. Addressing this reality and making the invisible visible is not just a matter of each family but also requires the collaboration of all stakeholders, because public policy, media, companies, NGOs, etc. are all called to be protagonists of this commitment for the care of human ecology, understood as a responsibility of the whole society.

Support to public welfare campaign

During 2013 we set out to promote work - family balance in public opinion through a public welfare campaign. We developed a proposal that was selected against others by the Argentine Advertising Council to be developed during 2014, International Year of the Family declared by the UN.
We invite you to visit the campaign’s website and answer the survey to know your level of integration between work and family life:

The campaign is already active in social networks, print media, public roads, tv spots and more. We encourage to join us and support the campaign!