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IAE Officials

Learn more about IAE’s governance structure and tasks


​IAE’s Board oversees the School’s strategic development, faculty recruitment, investments, new program execution, finance soundness, and operations. IAE’s dean chairs its Board and reports to Universidad Austral’s Board and Rector.

Academic Advisory Council

​​​IAE’s Academic Advisory Council provides strategic guidance for the School’s initiatives and governance, in addition to offering advice on programs, School expansion, investments, and its role in society.

International Advisory Board

Consisting of regional CEOs from multinational and multi-Latin companies, IAE’s International Advisory Board meets with the School’s Board once a year to share their views on Latin America’s market and to discuss IAE’s potential contributions via the creation of relevant knowledge and the design of innovative executive education offerings.


IAE’s Board

​Academic Advisory Council

Created in 1988 to provide a forum to exchange experiences and insights about management education trends, IAE’s Academic Advisory Board features six faculty members from Harvard Business School (Boston, U.S.A.) and IESE Business School (Barcelona, Spain).


  • ​Frederic Sabriá
    IESE - Spain
  • Das Narayandas
    HBS - USA
  • Paul Healy
    HBS - USA
  • Fernando Peñalva
    IESE - Spain
  • Ramón Casadesus
    HBS - USA
  • Krishna Palepu
    HBS - USA