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IAE’s mission is to contribute to the knowledge development and personal  growth of business men and women, strengthening their managerial skills as well as the human virtues required for management

Organizational Purpose

IAE was created and continues to operate with the two-fold purpose of:

  • Articulating and driving an essential positive change in business organizations’ culture, values and virtues. First and foremost, this involves a transformation in the management styles and practices of executives taking on leadership roles in organizations. 
  • Disseminating these values and virtues to society at large via companies. The starting point is the transcendent Christian view of human beings, which merges individual and social realms.

To pursue this goal, IAE focuses on:

  • Training organizational leaders on capabilities and virtues associated with the following dimensions:
    • Professional career;
    • Personal and family life;
    • Citizenship and social engagement.
  • Collaborating primarily with business companies, public agencies and civil society organizations to support their leaders’ training, so that they can serve society increasingly better. 
  • Advancing knowledge (R&D) on organizational management, especially for business companies.

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Shared values

Core values:

  1. Promoting human beings based on their dignity and transcendent destiny.
  2. Embracing work as a necessary means for personal growth and to serve others.
  3. Focusing on the common good, going beyond individual interests and immediate needs to consider society as a whole.
  4. Searching for the truth.

Derived Virtues, Expected Behaviors

  • Friendship
    • Generosity
    • Transparency
    • Loyalty
  • Professionalism, implying the quest for personal growth, order and responsibility. 
  • Humility, which involves an ongoing openness to learning.

IAE aspires to become a worldwide renowned business school for its leadership on:

  • Local and regional development and global integration;
  • Specific, relevant knowledge on emerging markets, with a special focus on Latin America:
    • With the ability to provide services to all global and regional business companies;
    • With the flexibility required to develop cooperation projects with companies and other institutions to create more value.
  • Research rigor and relevance as well as teaching quality and humanistic approach.
  • Strong ties with companies and alumni.
  • Service attitude, warmth and committed dedication of all School members.
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