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Scholarships and Financial Aid

IAE’s Executive MBA’s Scholarship and Financial Aid Program has been designed to address the needs of students who show great potential to use their management skills to drive a positive and lasting impact on business and society.

Scholarships for Best GPAs

This Scholarship is granted to professionals who graduated from university with outstanding GPAs. It intends to enhance academic excellence in the classroom.

Entrepreneurship Scholarship

New business ventures
This Scholarship is offered to professionals who have built their own startups to seize market opportunities. It intends to add experience and entrepreneurship to the class.

Public Service Scholarship

This Scholarship intends to train professionals serving as public officials. Applicants must have a significant track record and a strong commitment to community development and to building cross-sector ties.

Third-Sector Scholarship

Social impact:
This Scholarship seeks to pave the way for management training for professionals who want to make an impact on society by working at nonprofits. Applicants must currently serve full-time at nonprofit organizations.

Female Leaders’ Scholarship

Female leadership:
This Scholarship has been instituted to encourage women with high leadership potential to join the program.

Origin-Based Scholarship

Cultural diversity:
This Scholarship intends to promote nationality diversity in the classroom.

Honorary Loans

IAE supports your future
Honorary Loans can cover up to 40% of the program’s total tuition costs.